Questions I Ask Fictional Characters

Let me be clear. I ask these of my characters. You see, it’s a myth that an author knows exactly who their characters are, who they will become, and the heights of their capabilities. Well, it’s a myth for me at least. When I start writing a character, they are merely a skeleton. A box of sand, awaiting for castles to be built. They (the characters) evolve as the story unfolds. Sometimes it feels as though the development of the character is completely out my hands. For example, when I first started creating the character ‘Karen Turner’ for Experiment X, she wasn’t supposed to be a killing machine, and well…now…that’s most certainly NOT the case.

That’s not to say that I don’t plan out my characters and mold them into life. I most certainly do. It’s just, sometimes there are questions that I can’t quite seem to put my finger on.

(Maybe I’m just an unorganized mess. I tend not to use detailed outlines either, because I stray from them so much.)

Could Shawn and Jack help countries who experience severe droughts? (Probably.)
Would Mark be able to help rebuild towns that have been ravaged by earthquakes? (Yes, but would he?)
Could Jess harness energy and show scientists how to do the same as to no longer rely on fossil fuels? (Not alone, that’s for sure.)
Could Karen and Ryan control forest fires to prevent entire towns from being decimated? (With only two of them it would be rather difficult.)

Okay, so perhaps I know the answer to if they COULD do these things, but would they?
Characters are complex.

I will be posting ‘character interviews’ soon as well.

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