About Me


If you haven’t already guessed, my name is Nikki Haase and I write books. At the moment, I have a dystopian sci-fi series that is available on Amazon. Although I don’t plan on staying in a contained box of only one genre, my style of writing tends to be dark, bloody, and unsettling.
I started writing at a young age, writing my first novel length story when I was only about thirteen. I’m not sure what triggered me to write, but I couldn’t stop once I started. Writing that first story taught me a lot along the way and bit by bit I learned more about my craft. Through trial, error, and criticism from teachers and peers, my writing has gotten worlds better. Since then, I have written countless more stories. Some I plan on showing the world, others (like the one I wrote when I was a kid) will never again see the light of day. Regardless, expect to see more from me in the near future!

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